We offer all of our laundry services at each of our 4 Flagstaff laundromats. We have a variety of sizes of locations that can meet the needs of single college students to guided bus tour travelers. If you have any questions about a specific location or want to know which facililty will be best for you please give us a call!

Self-Service Laundry

Our coin operated laundry facilities are perfect for your self-service laundry. Whether you are a college student, Flagstaff visitor or a full-time Flagstaff resident we help you eliminate the dirty laundry in your life. We offer a variety of machines and entertainment at all of our locations. Find the location closest to you.

Drop-Off Laundry

Most people hate doing laundry and some people are so busy it’s just an added item on their to-do list. If this sounds like you then please take advantage of our drop-off laundry services. We offer next day pick-up on most loads. When you are too busy to tackle the ever-growing pile of laundry drop-off laundry can help you get things under control. Let us take over your laundry worries!

Commercial Laundry Services

Commercial needs as well as residential can be met at our Flagstaff facilities. Commercial laundry you plan on washing can be easily handled by the correct machine, which our staff can help you in choosing if you plan on self-service or handle completely if you plan on using drop-off services. We also offer commercial charge accounts!