Drop Off Laundry Services

Do your really want to spend your day doing laundry?

When you are in a rush drop off laundry services might be just the answer you are looking for. With same day service, you can drop your things off in the morning and pick them up on your way home. We offer drop-off laundry services at all four of our Flagstaff Laundromats. At just under $1 a pound we can take care of the dirty work! 

  • Clothes are weighed, sorted, and separated
  • We separate all clothes before washing
  • We wash with quality products including Tide, Clorox, Downy and Bounce
  • Loads are trasferred immediately after the wash cycle to avoid sour smells in your clothes
  • To help reduce wrinkles we remove your clothes promptly
  • All laundry is carefully folded and bagged for pickup
  • Depending on your preference - We can call or email you when your clothes are finished so you can pick them up at your convenience